The LOCKDOWN We Were Never Prepared For

I believe - People will stop hating  each other and I have a strong belief that they will exist peacefully. If we can fight together, then we can live together as well. Most importantly, we will do this with a smile.

The LOCKDOWN which is now in its 27th day has taken out a lot in me, be that psychologically or mentally . The first week was a real problem for me because as a Student of CALCUTTA BUSINESS SCHOOL, I used to get out of my house at 9 am and get back home at 6:30 pm and then go to the gym at 7:30 pm and return by 9:30 pm. Imagine a person having this kind of  a schedule now has to stay at home for an unidentified period of time (Which I fear can be months), it is hard. 

The first week we calculated the amount of days the  groceries would run. As it was only me and my Mom ,so consumption amount was  less (Father lives in Bihar, Sister lives in Darjeeling), still the panic was very much there as the scheduled working hours of grocery shops were not known by then. So we bought groceries and essentials which would run for the next 3 weeks. 

 The First 2 weeks felt like holidays, but then when I tried to make it  as part of my daily life, there came first boredom and then the question came  what new things I could do. I started listening to SUNDAY SUSPENSE on YouTube, which is a collection of thrilling, suspense and horror stories. I then started learning Data Science on YouTube as well. To be honest ,what better time could have been  to learn than now! I have a hobby of learning about different countries and how they were in the World War times (VOX, Real Life Story and Wonder Why) and pursued that. Most importantly I started doing home work out which is very important as there was no gym. Covid-19 is a virus which ,( if it gets you)one needs to have  a great respiratory system which can make the battle little bit easy (now you know how that Sports person shrugged off Covid-19 after testing positive). 

Slowly and steadily lockdown and Covid 19 is  becoming a part of Life, like many other things and we are getting adjusted. Though I must say  my sleep schedule is becoming a problem. The times when I should sleep are the times I am awake and vice versa.

Apart from the grocery availability, the anxieties have grown more regarding the daily wage earners, what will happen to them. Recent news showed how 30-40 people are stranded in a room and they are having no food or water. I hope those issue get resolved quickly. There is great amount of fear in the Private Job sector whether they will  still be employed or not. We as a family of four at this point of time are not together, so daily interactions are going on over phone. Businesses are suffering losses but I hope they have a good amount of cash in reserve to see out the next months. On line Services will get a major boost once this outbreak ends.

The most important thing is People will be closer, there will be a strong bond between everybody. People will stop hating  each other and I have a strong belief that they will live peacefully which I mentioned at the beginning of the write up. If we can fight together, then we can live happily together as well. Most importantly, we will smile and beat the odds.

Soumyajit Majumdar
PGDM Batch 2019-21