Corona virus Lockdown: Time to revisit what we left behind

I’m sure all of us are ‘locked’ inside homes and following the governments guidelines. The chaotic world where we lived in is surprisingly still. In my opinion the most astonishing thing that India ever endured is the complete standstill of Indian Railways. The newspaper is filled with statistics of increasing number of cases and how the world is experiencing this traumatic situation. The high growth rate is at a halt. Definitely all of us are worried and are sincerely hoping for a cure to emerge. Lockdown will be continuing in India for a significant period, so what should we do?  

We are at home secure and most of us are with our family. It’s time to finally give time to what actually matters. Most of us spent half of our lives chasing wealth and forgot what we loved doing the most. We graduated from college and were submerged in this race of life to find our worth. Most of the people in their late lives express of not achieving what they wanted to. Achievement cannot be measured. According to me, achievement is the sense of happiness and pride that one attains once we accomplish what we wanted to. Lockdown period can be a life changer once we step in to take accountability of our lives. Definitely there are aspects that are important for different income level groups but what I’m focusing here is about self improvement. It’s time to take up a hobby, immerse in activities that give us satisfaction, learn new skills and give a positive dimension to our lives. 

We often hear people talk about how much they miss their quiet time with family or reading adventure books or working on projects that gives them exhilaration. It’s time to take up  those goal settings and not just waiting for the right moment. Why not to work on our physique that had often been sidetracked. Why not to give time to our parents and dear ones who we left behind while we worked on a short lived assignment. Why not to work on that tune of life that we missed. 

People wish to give some meaning to life by spreading positivity and helping the ones in need. This is the best time to be philanthropic. I feel happy to share that there are people who are distributing food to poors who are stranded and the animal lovers spreading love to stray animals. One of the ecstatic things that I have noticed is that many wild animals have come to streets to enjoy a quiet stroll. Air quality has significantly improved and lockdown has showed how adversely earth was affected with human’s inhumane behavior.

With significant portion of the world undergoing a complete lockdown and going through a severe phase of depression, I would like to extend my gratitude to the helpers who are engaged in to ensure comfort to fellow citizens. We got one life and in these compelling times we should contribute to the society by bettering ourselves and spreading love. 

Shalini Singh 
PGDM 2019-2021
#StayHomeStaySafe #CaluttaBusinessSchool