Why PGDM at CBS?


Like the four basic protein molecules serving as the building blocks in a DNA, there are certain fundamental competencies which you need to develop and excel in it your career in the increasing complex world of business. Calcutta Business School’s stringent program helps you to develop the fundamental competencies.

Acquire industries-oriented competencies

In today’s business environment, only theoretical knowledge in Business and Management gets you nowhere unless you have: the required skills to execute; to know the tools and technologies which are required to execute; and finally, have the right mindset to adapt to difficult dynamic situations. You can’t succeed in your career even if you have brilliant results.

CBS's industry focused curriculum, theme and courses, are customized to industry needs will help you to develop the right competencies.

You Need to Know How to Collaborate and Work in a Team

Ability to collaborate with others and work in a team is one of the key competencies that you need to acquire - how to work at ease with people from diverse background. CBS’s PGDM program helps you to learn how to collaborate and work in a team.

A journey of continuous learning

In the fast changing and evolving world of business and economics, tools and technologies of doing business change too quickly. You need to upgrade yourself perpetually in order to stay relevant. CBS’ rigorous curriculum and pedagogy helps you develop the learning attitude.

How to analyze and integrate data in a muti-disciplinary environment

In today’s world, we are exposed to a large amount of data constantly. Ability to analyse humongous amount of data, capturing key insights from the data sets and then taking a decision based on the insights are the skills you will be learning at CBS

Learn how to communicate

You need to communicate effectively to connect with people, to build network, and to collaborate on projects. You need to make sure that others understand what you want to say. At CBS, you will learn these essential communication skills.

Learn to lead

In today’s world, leadership is not about dominating others and giving directions. It is about: how to take initiatives; how to enlist and motivate people to accomplish goals; how to take responsibilities; and how to be accountable for success and failures. CBS’s teaching methodologies help you to develop these leadership abilities.

Industry experts will mentor you

As Calcutta Business School, you are taught by faculty members with remarkable academic credentials who are also connected to industries or are senior leaders from industries.

Placement across diverse sectors and functional roles

At CBS, students are selected in diverse industries and for various functional roles. We don’t confine our students to some limited work domains: this way, our training meets the work challenge.